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How life events can change your tax status

If you earned money over the course of a given year, there is a good chance that you'll have to at least file an income tax return. Your marital status, sources of income and other variables will determine whether you owe money to the state of Washington or to the...

You filed for a tax extension. Now what?

Taxpayers received a little extra time to file their taxes this year. The usual federal tax deadline is April 15th, however, due to the weekend and Emancipation Day, taxpayers received an extra two days to file this year. Additionally, the IRS website experienced...

Take advantage of business tax credits

In the state of Washington, business and occupation (B & O) taxes are a major source of state revenue. No matter what industry your business is in, you may qualify for one or more B & O tax credits and be able to improve your bottom line. Here are a few of the...

A Tax Checklist To Complete By Year End

Tax filing season is getting closer, but there are still some things taxpayers can do to impact their 2017 tax return. Failing to accurately and comprehensively complete your tax return can result in delays and even penalties.Even if you currently owe the Internal...