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How Washington residents can minimize their tax liabilities

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2022 | Tax Debt |

As tax season approaches, many people are looking for ways to minimize their tax liability. While tax law can be complicated, there are a few things you can do to reduce your tax bill.

Take advantage of tax credits and deductions

Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for tax credits or deductions that can lower the amount of taxes you owe. To get started, you should look into tax credits such as the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit. Additionally, tax deductions, such as charitable giving or business expenses, can lower your tax bill.

Consider tax-advantaged investments

Two of the most common tax-advantaged investments are tax-deferred 401(k) accounts and tax-free Roth IRAs. Contributions to these types of retirement plans can reduce your tax liability and help you save for the future. Additionally, there are other tax-advantaged investments, such as health savings accounts (HSAs), that may be beneficial depending on your tax situation.

Utilize tax-loss harvesting

If you have investments that are not performing well, tax-loss harvesting can be an effective tax strategy. This involves selling investments at a loss in order to reduce your tax liability. However, tax-loss harvesting should only be done after careful consideration of tax laws and regulations.

Pay estimated taxes

If you have income that is not subject to tax withholding, such as self-employment income, it is important to make estimated tax payments throughout the year. This can help you avoid penalties and minimize your tax liability when tax season comes around.

Take advantage of tax-free income

Certain types of income, such as Social Security benefits or state disability payments, are tax-exempt and can be used to reduce your tax bill. Additionally, if you have a Roth IRA account, qualified withdrawals from the account are tax-free.

Tax season often comes with a lot of stress and uncertainty. However, by taking advantage of tax credits, deductions, tax-advantaged investments, tax-loss harvesting strategies, estimated tax payments and tax-exempt income opportunities, you can reduce your tax liability and make the process less daunting.