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Insight Law in Seattle helps people just like you who are experiencing tax debt and IRS problems. Read more below.

“I would like to share with all of you guys my personal experience with IRS. Last year my life was almost at the edge. One more step all of my family will lived on the street (homeless). I lost my job, I lost my house for foreclosure. I have to pay back to IRS around 15.000 dollars. Finally I met Christopher Larsen (my attorney). He was a good guy and the best attorney that I ever had. With fully dedicated and respected he came to negotiate my problem with IRS. He was a wonderful person and never give up through the end to find a better solution to handle my case. Once again thank you very much Chris, may always blessed in your career as an attorney. I really appreciated you and to be honest I’ll never forget you as my attorney and also as a good friend. I will recommended you as the best lawyer in Seattle area to all of my friends, and my family who might need help… Once again… Good Luck… And keep in touch… Thanks”

Thomas , Seattle, Washington

“Christopher Larson took on my case over a year ago and in that time he has reduced my tax liability by over $315,000! I have been very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. He was able to answer all of my questions and addressed them in a timely manner. Along with reducing the debt, he was able to eliminate the possibility of my having to spend time away from my family in a tax prison. I would recommend Christopher to anyone needing representation in dealing with the IRS. Again, the amount of money saved has been well worth having Christopher work on my case.”

Steve , Burien, Washington

“I was hit with an unlawful tax assessment and I was in a panic. I contacted Chris and the minute I started talking to him he calmed me down and instantly started taking care of things. He was so knowledgeable and quick with his response that in no time we had things figured out and told me what steps will be needed. In no time step by step he helped me to a successful outcome. He is the best. I would recommend him to everyone.”

Terri J. , Seattle, Washington

“I’ve been searching for an attorney to assist with income and small business tax issues for my business and my clients (I’m an attorney too), and finding Chris was such a relief. Chris’ minute knowledge of the code is insanely impressive. He’s knowledgeable on a wide range of tax issues and, best of all, is direct and clear when giving legal advice. A further bonus – no big-firm egos and prices to drive me crazy. Specifically, I have looked to Chris on complex issues relating to IRS tax controversies, setting up 401(k)s with small businesses (safe harbor, etc.), business tax returns, and small business startup strategies. He’s given spot-on straightforward advice.”

Anonymous , Seattle, Washington