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IRS Appeals

If you disagree with a decision made after an audit, you may be able to find relief through an appeal. Through the IRS Appeals Office, taxpayers may be able to challenge many decisions made by the IRS.

At Insight Law, you will find Seattle tax appeal attorneys who understand the appeals process and how to build the strongest case possible. We are a client-focused, results-oriented law firm practicing almost exclusively in federal and Washington tax law. We maintain offices in Seattle, Bellevue and Burien.

Information About the IRS Appeals Office

The IRS Appeals Office handles challenges and tax protests stemming from a wide range of matters. Often, taxpayers choose to appeal when they disagree with the results of an audit. Other reasons for an IRS appeal include disputes regarding:

The IRS Appeals Office is an independent administrative office that is designed to settle tax disagreements without resorting to court and a formal trial. An appeals officer will examine your case to determine whether the tax issue was correctly decided in the first place. Our tax law firm represents both individuals and businesses in appeals.

Our Tax Lawyers Assist with the Appeal of Sales or B&O Tax Audits

The taxpayer can also appeal audit determinations made by the Washington State Department of Revenue. This can involve either an unsuccessful sales or B&O audit, and in many cases, both. Appeal can be made to an Administrative Law Judge to review the facts of the audit. Insight Law can provide a tax attorney for these matters, as well as IRS audit appeals.

We Offer Representation for All Aspects of Appeal

A local tax lawyer will provide you with guidance through the IRS appeals process and help you create a strong challenge to the IRS’ previous decision. Because tax law is our main focus, we understand the complexities of both your underlying tax situation and the process of appealing an IRS determination.

One of our most important facts is to gather correct and complete facts about your tax situation for your appeal. This is important because accurate factual differences from the Revenue Agent’s Examination Report may make it easier for an appeals officer to settle the case favorably for you. We will represent you in all aspects of your appeal, including the hearing.

Talk to a Seattle Tax Appeal Lawyer for More Information

If you would like to appeal an IRS determination regarding your personal or business tax situation, contact us today for a free case evaluation from an experienced and dedicated tax attorney. We offer our legal services for an excellent price, and we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Call us today at 206-922-8078 or send us a message through our secure online form.