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Effectively Resolving A Range Of IRS Issues

Being notified of a tax issue from the IRS can be panic-inducing. You may not fully understand the problem, let alone how to resolve it. That’s where Insight Law comes in. We help Seattle individuals and small business owners find the legal solutions they need for their tax challenges.

Find Out What Your IRS Letter Means

The IRS uses a sophisticated system of letters and numbers on forms and in their communications. While it may help them keep things organized, it’s incomprehensible to the average person. This can be incredibly frustrating when you’ve been notified of an issue and need to take action to fix it. We’ve compiled a list of common letters and what they mean so that you can better understand your situation.

Have You Received A Notice From The IRS?

The language of IRS notices can be nebulous. It’s not always clear what they’re saying and whether any action is required on your part. Don’t ignore it – get some answers. We’ve created a guide to help you decode IRS notices and decide the right course of action.

Appealing An IRS Decision

The IRS may be a powerful governmental body, but you have rights, too. If you think you’ve been issued an unfair decision, it may be possible to appeal it. Follow the link to find more information about the IRS appeals process.

How Do IRS Collections Work?

The IRS collections process can be a long and complicated one. If you’re facing this, follow the link for a detailed look at how the process works.

Responding To An IRS Prepared Substitute For Return

An Automated Substitute For Return is something the IRS creates when their records show that someone owes taxes but did not file a return that year. Follow the link to better understand what an Automated Substitute For Return could mean for you.

What Types Of IRS Penalties Are There?

If you fail to meet an important deadline for filing a tax return or paying taxes owed, you may face fines and other penalties. Here’s more information about the types of penalties the IRS imposes and what they could look like in your situation.

Start Working Toward A Solution

While we hope we’ve helped you learn more about your tax law issue, specialized legal guidance is essential. The attorneys at Insight Law are here to help you understand your IRS issue and find a practical solution, whether you’re an individual or a small business. To get started, contact us to schedule a free consultation. Call the office at 877-343-4358 or fill out an appointment request form online.