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IRS Audits

If you have received a notice that you are being audited, the last thing you should do is meet with the IRS, state, county or city tax authorities without the advice and guidance of a knowledgeable tax attorney.

Auditors are trained investigators with a detailed understanding of tax law. Most individuals and business owners do not have the same experience in tax law, putting them at a disadvantage in dealings with the IRS. At Insight Law, you will find Seattle tax audit attorneys who focus almost exclusively on tax law, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of federal and state tax law.

Our Seattle Tax Audit Attorneys Can Assist with All Types of Examinations

The IRS may audit your taxes in three ways.

  • Correspondence examinations: These are the most common audits. They are conducted by mail and may involve a few issues that you can resolve through producing the right documents and information for the IRS.
  • Office examinations: These audits involve more complicated fact issues than in correspondence examination. A tax compliance officer will generally conduct an interview with the taxpayer or taxpayer’s representative.
  • Field examinations: These are conducted by revenue agents who review a taxpayer’s books and records and interview either the taxpayer or the taxpayer’s representative. Field examinations are usually conducted for businesses, and agents usually conduct the audit at the place of business.

State and Local Business Tax Audit? Let Us Help

Typically, an IRS audit is the only type of audit that individual taxpayers may encounter because the state of Washington does not assess income taxes. Business owners, however, may be audited by the state, county or municipality regarding:

  • Business and occupation taxes (B and O taxes)
  • Sales and use taxes

Our tax lawyers are intimately familiar with tax law and business and corporate tax issues and understand every step of both the state and IRS processes. We will explain all of your rights to ensure that you do not make any moves that could cause the scope of the audit to grow. If you are unable to resolve the issue during the audit stage, we have the experience to represent you in tax litigation.

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