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Complex Individual and Business Tax Return Preparation

Complex individual and business returns are a laden with potential deductions and credits. Many CPAs just pump out tax returns on a mass scale and ask few questions about the specific transactions. Many deductions and credits are missed because the right questions are not asked by the preparer. Furthermore, CPAs will generally by very conservative about the taking of deductions and credits if they know any red flags will be raised because they lack the tax controversy skills to substantiate the transaction if it is questioned by the IRS. So they will err on the side of caution, even when your deductions are 100% allowed by the code.

Our philosophy at Insight Law is that you are entitled to every deduction and credit the code allows. We believe that over the long haul, if the deductions are significant in value, it is just better to get any IRS questions out of the way early. Over years, this overly conservative attitude can cost the taxpayer many times what it would have cost to substantiate the deductions in the first years they were taken. But as stated before, many times this is because CPAs lack the knowledge and skill to efficiently substantiate the expenses if questioned because they understand the preparation of tax forms much more than they do the procedures of tax controversy. Let Insight Law get you the deductions and credits you deserve. Insight Law substantiates your expenses in advance using the tax code. Nothing makes an IRS auditor walk away faster than a well prepared packet that answers all of their questions before they even ask them. They know you were expecting their arrival at that point. Let us handle your individual and business taxes moving forward. Along with our tax planning services, you will find yourself covered in every facet of your tax life.