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Local Tax Attorney – Seattle WA IRS Office – Bellevue IRS Hours – Internal Revenue Service Everett – Tacoma IRS Location – IRS Phone Silverdale

Before Contacting Your Local IRS Office, Call For A Free Consultation From A Local Tax Law Firm With Four Locations, Including Burien, Everett, Downtown Seattle, And Bellevue. Learn Your Rights In Advance.

Have you received a letter or notice from the Everett, Bellevue, or Seattle IRS? Before contacting the IRS Building in Seattle, Tacoma, Silverdale, Bellevue or Everett, call and receive a free, confidential consultation. Congress has passed multiple laws to protect taxpayers and provide relief for taxpayers with outstanding tax liabilities. There are many options that can save taxpayers significant amounts of money, but don’t expect to hear about these options when you contact the IRS by phone or visit to the IRS Building. Many taxpayers make the mistake of not hiring an attorney to save money without thinking of the money they might actually save with an attorney. A Tax Attorney can often manage to save a taxpayer more than the cost of his/her services.

Tacoma IRS Tax Audit

If you are being audited, it is important to have a qualified tax attorney present from the beginning of the process. Many taxpayers go into an audit thinking “I can take care of this on my own.” Only later does the taxpayer realize the substantiation a taxpayer felt was reasonable won’t be accepted by the auditor. Next, the taxpayer is receiving a notice of deficiency disallowing their deductions or credits, and the taxpayer is left with fewer and more expensive options to challenge their liability.

Seattle IRS Appeals and Tax Court

It is at this point that many taxpayers finally hire a tax attorney. They have failed to substantiate their deductions or credits in an audit. If there is a flaw in the substantiation or process of the taxpayer, it will only continue through appeals and tax court. Many people envision a process where they can sit down and just explain their story to a more reasonable person. They are generally incorrect in this assumption. Many flaws in the taxpayer’s substantiation or process can be fixed by an experienced tax attorney, but when the case is a few weeks from trial, there often just isn’t enough time to gather the substantiation and present it in any usable manner. It becomes very important for a taxpayer to retain a tax lawyer before they realize they are about to receive a bad outcome in tax court. Taxpayers may be lulled into thinking they are making progress with the Office of Chief Counsel, only to learn two weeks before the court date that the IRS will be taking the matter to trial and seeking the full amount of the Notice of Deficiency. At this point, the Taxpayer is “back to square one,” and it might be too late to ever resolve the matter before trial.

Bellevue IRS Collections

During the collection process, taxpayers have many options to reduce their liabilities. For example, an Offer in Compromise or request for innocent spouse relief can allow a taxpayer to settle a debt for a fraction of the amount owed. Penalties may be reduced and removed. If the taxpayer must get on an installment agreement to repay the liability, a tax attorney can ensure the taxpayer isn’t railroaded into a payment that the taxpayer can’t afford. Defaulting on an installment agreement can make it difficult for you to get a new one, so it’s important the monthly payment is one you can afford. You may qualify for a six-year installment agreement at fairly low interest rates. You may never hear about these options if you get directions to the IRS offices, and visit them without representation.

Consult with an Experienced Local Tax Law Firm Before Contacting the Silverdale IRS Offices

Contact Insight Law for a free and confidential phone consultation before calling the IRS on the phone, or driving to the IRS building in Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, Silverdale or Everett. If we cannot help reduce your tax debt, you will owe us nothing for the consultation. You will gain a better understanding of your rights, and you may decide it’s in your best interests to have an attorney save you the money and the hassle of you dealing with the IRS directly.

Seattle IRS Building – Bellevue IRS Contact – Everett IRS Phone Number – Tacoma IRS Directions – Silverdale Internal Revenue Service Address

Many taxpayers make the mistake of thinking if they are just honest they will have a somewhat favorable outcome with the IRS. At the end of the day, the IRS measures winning and losing by revenue recovered, and unrepresented taxpayers can become the taxpayers making up this recovery. Call (206) 922-8078 for a free consultation before making that call to the IRS, and learn about your options from someone on the side of taxpayers.