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Tax Lawyer – Seattle IRS Tax Non-Filer Help – Bellevue Delinquent And Late Tax Returns

If you have unfiled tax returns, let us help you. Unfiled tax returns can cause serious issues from both a liability and criminal standpoint. Taxpayers are required to file a tax return every year, and failure to do so can be criminal in the most egregious cases. Even if no criminal liability results, the IRS has the power under I.R.C. §6020(b) to file a return on behalf of the taxpayer based on information available to the IRS. The information generally available to them includes all W-2s and 1099s issued by employers and various agencies during the tax year. This is referred to as an SFR or Substitute for Return.

Generally, if the IRS calculates your return based on the information available to them, they will file it in the least advantageous manner for the taxpayer. The will allow no credits, itemized deductions, nor business deductions in their calculation. They will even default your Filing Status to Single and Married Filing Separately. The absence of these can grossly inflate the amount of the taxes that the IRS claims the taxpayer owes. Often times, a taxpayer can wipe out much of the debt just by having their old returns prepared by a professional.

Insight Law can help prepare your past returns and present them to the IRS in a manner that minimizes penalties and potential criminal liability. Don’t let one year become five or ten years of unfiled returns. Become compliant and breathe a sigh of relief.