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Tips for managing tax debt in Washington

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2021 | Blog, Tax Debt |

Unfortunately, there are cases where people are unable to produce the amount of money they owe the United States government in taxes. Residents of Seattle who find themselves overwhelmed by tax debt should educate themselves on how to better manage that debt and eventually pay it off.

Don’t ignore the issue

The federal government expects each citizen to pay the taxes that they owe. It is important that you do not ignore the problem and assume that the IRS will not waste time and resources coming after an individual citizen. Tax law is a very serious issue, and the IRS will most definitely pursue legal action against you if you choose to ignore the debt that you owe.

Be honest with yourself

You may have seen commercials about tax relief companies that claim they can wipe away all of your tax debt. That’s incredibly unlikely. It’s important that you are honest with yourself about the likelihood that you will be eligible for tax relief. If you have a decent amount of assets and make any amount of significant income, the IRS will not absolve you of your tax debt.

Seek legal help

It is important that you understand the legal ramifications of having outstanding debt owed to the IRS. However, you are still afforded certain rights in the United States, including the right to seek legal counsel. Depending on the amount that you owe the IRS, you should consider finding an attorney to advise you on how to proceed with your debt repayment.

Take advantage of streamlining

The Fresh Start Program, instituted by the IRS in 2011, gives citizens who owe the IRS money the opportunity to take part in a streamlined repayment agreement. As long as you owe $100,000 or less, you are probably eligible for this program.

The Federal Tax Code is an ever-changing entity that is difficult to understand. If you owe the IRS taxes, it is crucial that you seek advice of an attorney who is familiar with federal tax law. This will help ensure that you are receiving accurate information while you work on your repayment plan.