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Tax-scam warnings from the IRS

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Recent IRS warnings in Washington are cautioning taxpayers to avoid any scams that request money. Today’s tax season is full of major risks like identity theft. Ransomware is now disguised as friendly data requests that turn into criminal bribery. Though you may not have recently made filings with a government agency, someone could have registered your unemployment but for themselves. The likely scams you’ll face are, in an effort to warn you, being shared by the IRS.

Expect the unexpected

Government agencies suggest that criminals are looking for new methods, and this alone makes them a danger in tax season. Being kept at bay by the IRS, cybercriminals are forced to use new tricks if they’re to exploit taxes. “Anything goes,” is the saying, and that concept should keep the public warned. When necessary, contact a specialist, and never doubt likely infiltration.

”COVID and stimulus” buzzwords

Millions of dollars were lost as web victims got targeted by the buzzwords COVID and stimulus when online. The IRS reports instances of scammers suggesting that a stimulus check will be sent to you if you send your info or a small investment. Many COVID scams center around you believing that a family member is in need of your help. These cases are now emerging online.

Common things to avoid

With the unexpected looming, there are still common signs that suggest a likely scam. Being cautious with your personal data is your first step in this tax season. Use the following as a short guide on areas that call for more caution than usual:

• Unknown email senders
• Strange links
• News too good to be true
• Password and username requests
• Unsecured, public Wi-Fi

IRS warning to Washington state

Ransomware has been on the rise this year. In such cases, an entire data system can be shut down by a foreign entity. The only solution is when large sums of money are paid to the hackers involved. These types of challenges compel the IRS to protect its own infrastructure by protecting its taxpayers. Take these current warnings seriously, and look for new notices ahead.