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What is an offer in compromise?

Every tax season, people from Washington to Florida will either make mistakes on their taxes or deliberately ignore paying them altogether. The IRS will take legal steps to ensure that you pay what you owe to the government. In fact, not paying may even lead to a...

Penalties for not paying taxes

Tax season is just around the corner for everyone in Washington and around the country. The filing deadline is typically in mid-April, but many individuals try to complete their taxes long before then. It is important to set up a payment plan, pay your taxes or file...

4 Things That Can Trigger A Tax Audit

For most taxpayers, the idea of getting audited by the IRS is a troubling thought. While a tax audit is simply a review to ensure that individuals are reporting correctly and adhering to tax laws, it's an ordeal most people wish to avoid. The odds of the IRS selecting...

What is innocent spouse relief on income taxes?

When people divorce, there are often some surprises that come up in the process. Unfortunately, some people might realize that their spouse didn't handle something related to income tax returns properly. This can lead to a tax liability for both parties, including the...