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Business And Commercial Property Tax Appeals

All parties that own property in the State of Washington with few exceptions are required to pay property tax based on the assessed value of the property. If property assessments are high, as they often are during periods of recession, the taxpayer can challenge this assessment. Don’t let the county convince you that any reasonable price is a “distressed value,” when 5 other homes on your block are selling for that price. At some point, the “distressed value” becomes the “actual value,” and the property should be valued as such. During recessions, too many counties act like they should have a 10 year grace period for property values to recover before they have to reduce th e assessed value, but they didn’t do this when the property were increasing at an irrational pace, so don’t let them overcharge you now that values have reset to a sustainable level.

There are also programs to help the elderly afford their property taxes. If you are elderly, and you own and live in your home, Insight Law can help you receive a property tax exemption. You have worked hard, and given a lot in the form of taxes to the local community. Take advantage of the property tax exemptions that have been provided to you. Call us today to help. The county will not go out of their way to tell you about such programs, even if you do qualify.